Sunday, December 13, 2009

A horrific dream begins

By Kate

For the last two months, stories and ideas were churning inside me, while I was racing to meet my life's obligations. Jutting down ideas during the commute, and thinking about the scenes into my sleep, I was waiting and waiting for this day to come.

So here I am with our next machinima project, and "Incubus" is its working title. (See the fairly self-explanatory picture above.) This is a story about a woman whose nightmare changes her life. I think "La Boheme" will make a nice ironic title for this one, as there are many rich artists involved in it (and there's another reason I wouldn't tell), but "Incubus" is just way too cool to give up.

This is going to be another unabashed Romantic affair (with the capital "R"). It's interesting that our machinima tends to be so unapologetically Romantic. I don't see myself, or my other writings outside machinima projects, fitting this description at all. The medium seems to define what we end up working on, and machinima seems to almost always lead us to wilder side of the imagined world.

The truth is, I was working on a more somber story until mid-November (working title: "Of Human Bondage") with a constant apprehension that the material might not be a good fit for the medium. Then this story happened...

I'm still writing up the script at this point. S started imported props for the sets. We are both very excited to submerge into this dark water in long winter nights.


Old Folkie said...

A romance affair about dreams and nightmares called, with "Incubus" as working title, that sounds promising alright.

"La Boheme" ?
(feel free to imagine me using a fake French accent, pronouncing it La bo'eem')
You Cats really seem to be quite the Opera aficionados, which I think is all about grand, romantic gestures (and tragic deaths) too, but I might be wrong, I admit to know no more about Opera than fits a Readers Digest (if we discount having seen Argento's movie that is).

Overman said...

Incubus sounds very exciting!

I love how ideas sometimes just will not be denied, that busy and hectic as our lives may sometimes get those ideas still find a way to wriggle their way into our consciousness, refusing to be ignored until pen meets paper.

I really look forward to seeing it come together on screen.

Dulci said...

Very intriguing. I know that this will be something special!

IceAxe said...

Incubus sounds very interesting indeed - nice and dark! I know what you mean about ideas crowding for attention during - sometimes I feel I can hardly concentrate on anything other than whatever movie I happen to be working on, turning ideas over in my head. We're all victims!

Cathy said...

This sounds like an amazing idea! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I love the working title.

Mitch said...

Thanks for reminding me how much I love that classic painting. If you don't make a shameless effort to completely steal it for your film, I'm warning you, I might.