Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Incubus production update

by Sherwin.

Casting is now complete. ScarletRhapsody (who played Claire in Death in Venice) will be playing Isabel Bennett, the heroine. Sisch will be the voice of Lydia Vogel, an artist and Isabel's confidant. Goofparade will be Julien Leroy, a renowned artist. And K4 is Nathan Bennett, Isabel's well-to-do husband. AnotherNewDawn will have a special appearance.

Rather than trying to further cut down the script, we've decided to move ahead and start working on it as it is. We suspect that, given the proportion between description and dialogue, that the 28 pages will probably translate to 24 minutes or so. And we'll adjust the pacing once we see what we have.

Since "Incubus" was written with Moviestorm in mind, we may have fewer of the technical challenges that we faced in "Death in Venice". For one, it's not in Venice. (Thank God.) There are still various hurdles and a never-ending amount of tasks ahead to create and improve the visual elements. I know we are spending a lot of time designing the sets, and that it doesn't feel any faster than before. But there's nothing in Incubus comparable to, for instance, a conversation on a gondola ride through narrow Venetian canals. Most of the settings are interiors, but they should look different, unique and appropriate. We've made some good progress over the last few days!

And so we end this year looking forward to a fun year of moviemaking and moviewatching. I got to watch a lot of (non-machinima) movies these last few days of 2009, and I have to say that the diversity, versatility and the power of cinema never cease to amaze me.

Happy New Year!!


Richard Grove said...

Congratulations on finishing the casting (great group of actors) and I wish you the best on production this coming year. I've become a big fan of your work.

cheers for the new year!

Cathy said...

Great cast! Happy New Year to you both - I'm looking forward with great anticipation to see your next works - I know they will be wonderful! Like Ricky - I'm a fan!