Saturday, February 20, 2010

MaMachinima International Festival 2010

By Kate

What an event that was! It was an amazingly intense experience to be in that great dome filled with so many machiniphiles from all over the world, watching 50+ movies for nine hours!

A unique feature about MMIF is that each movie maker takes a stance on stage while his/her movie plays, and participates in a little Q&A after the presentation.

(Where is S? He was a few steps behind me.)

Standing there on the stage in front of the audience, and seeing Death in Venice playing on the big screens was devastating. It's mind boggling to think how nervous I got. I mean, I knew it was just my avatar standing there, but it didn't matter. My heart was racing, my blood was rushing to my face.

We'd like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our gracious host CodeWarrior Carling (@Ideajuice at Twitter) and Evie Fairchild, and of course, the amazing Chantal Harvey, the organizer of the event, and everybody who contributed to the festival as well. Their enthusiasm and dedication to this medium inspire us all.

So many amazing works were presented there, and we discovered so many great works! Oh, gee... This is the kind of sentence one produces after nine hours of movie watching. It is time for me to stop writing. But before I do, here are just some of the amazing movies we saw today. (We highly recommend that you double-click the thumb nails to go to the original sites and watch them in full screen.):

Iono Allen's movie was absolutely breathtaking. Surprising in every turn. Simply stunning.

The following one by Pyewacket Bellman is incredibly poetic.

I could not believe Lowe Runo's action flick was done in Second Life. Oh, yes, only in Second Life, you can make something like this!

Action Flick Part One, Rescue and Perdition from LoweRuno on Vimeo.

Last but not least, a delightful comedy made in Second Life and World of Warcraft by Phaylen Fairchild. (She's also an amazing event host.)

Of course I'm forgetting many other great movies, but oh, there were just so many...

Here are some more photos from the festival: Flickr photostream

Addendum: You can see a list of movies played on MMIF 2010 here.