Monday, June 21, 2010

Incubus released.

By S.

After a long six months of production, which was about twice the time we thought it would have taken, we finally released "Incubus" yesterday. We were glad to keep it under 20 minutes, considering that - before writing the script - we had thought it would be about 10 minutes long.

Admittedly both of us have lost perspective on this movie a few months ago, having watched every scene and heard every line one too many times. This added to our curiosity at the reaction from viewers who were watching it for the first time. We were quite relieved and happy that the reception has been positive.

"Incubus" took six months mostly because real life kept us busy. There was also a rather unexpected large amount of effects work, which is an area that we are slowly learning more about as we go. Although earlier in the project we were hoping to use more Second Life footage than actually ended up in the movie, some of the key scenes and props were from Second Life. This exploration has given us more confidence to continue using Moviestorm as the foundation, and other engines to fill in the gaps when needed.

During production, we were pleasantly surprised with some of the packs that Moviestorm released - some of them found its use immediately in our work in progress. For the kind of stories we like to tell, Moviestorm has been the ideal platform and we are grateful that it exists and continues to be expanded and built upon. All the orphans from "The Movies" out there know what we are talking about.

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Cathy said...

Wonderful film and so glad I was able to attend the premiere! You two never disappoint! BRAVO!