Saturday, June 19, 2010

Machinima Expo 2010

Here is our trailer for MachinExpo 2010.

It was Kate Fosk, the executive director of the MachinExpo, who suggested that machinima makers parody their favorite movie moments for the trailer.

Machinima Expo 2010 Trailer from Chat Noir Studios on Vimeo.

Readers of our blog must know this, but again, the deadline for submission is August 31.


Richard Grove said...

Wonderful. I just love this. It's so full of fun and imagination. Despite being a parody, it's better than many machinima I've seen. Thanks for creating this.

Cathy said...

BRAVO!! This was wonderful and beautifully done. Very clever - thanks for this.

Old Folkie said...

Love the Expo trailer, and how couldn't I as an admitted Casablanca fan.

Totally unrelated addendum:
"cogie" as captcha, that's somehow fitting. *hah*